Safety of Carpet Cleaning Chemicals for Pets and Humans.

It is important to maintain the carpet flooring by cleaning it on a regular basis, and sometimes homeowner calls for a professional company like the carpet care Fort Wayne that offers an effective and safe carpet cleaning service. It is important that you take into consideration factors such as your family’s health and their potential exposure to chemicals. Yes, there are companies that use extra strong chemicals to remove stains on the carpet more effectively and more easily. Aside from that, when you want to clean your carpet on your own, you also need to avoid using heavy chemicals.

Having a clean carpet should not compromise the safety of your family, especially your children and pets.

If you want to avoid using heavy chemicals on your regular carpet cleaning and maintenance, follow these tips:

1. Use Natural Ingredients

One way to avoid using chemicals is to really avoid using synthetic chemicals on the market and use natural ingredients instead. Natural ingredients are safer for your children and pets.

If you want to remove stains and order, ingredients such as vinegar mixed with water solution and baking soda are effective for this. All you need to do is to let the baking powder sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing off by dabbing on the stains. Do not attempt of rubbing the surface as it will cause more spreading of the dirt.

Natural ingredients do not cause irritation to skin, eyes, and lungs, and at the same time cheaper to buy.

2. Avoid Certain Ingredients

If you want to use liquid detergent soap or other cleaning solutions, there are ingredients that you need to avoid such as chlorine and ammonia. Chlorine is a potential irritant to the skins and eyes and it tends to settle on the carpet for a long time. Likewise, ammonia causes watery eyes as well as sneezing. So, when you want to buy.

The best way is to go to the veteran and ask for a recommendation for a cleaning solution that is safe for your pets and children. However, most homeowners say it is necessary and expensive

3. Use water and heat

This time, when you want to use the very natural ingredient you can use, you can actually just use water. While most people believe that water alone cannot remove difficult stains, water combined with heat is very effective in removing stains and dirt. You can use a vacuum steamer or wet vac that flushes water on the carpet before sucking the water back. In this way, your carpet will be cleaned without the aid of any substance.


Cleaning the carpet is an important duty every homeowner needs to do; however, you also need to take into consideration the health and safety of your family especially your children and pets. Avoid buying cleaning solutions that contain heavy chemicals like chlorine and ammonia, or better, use a natural ingredient. You can use baking powder or vinegar mixed with water. As long as it cleans and safe, go for it.